What’s the fuss? Filmfare Magazine’s Special Edition Tribute to Kajol draws mixed reviews

Credit: Filmfare Magazine

So Filmfare Magazine’s editor Jitesh Pillai is receiving a lot of flack for the tribute he bestowed upon actress Kajol in form of a special edition issue of the magazine currently in circulation? This is what happens when you leave fanboys and fangirls in charge. We are crazy people. Heck, If I was the editor of Filmfare magazine, Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan and Bipasha Basu will get tribute issues every month haha!!! And Vogue India… Aishwarya will always appear on the cover twice a year (first issue of the year and last issue of the year) + I would squeeze in as much Bipasha too. Only after I receive complaints and perhaps a lengthy signed petition script would I do tributes to Rekha, Madhuri, Sridevi etc. LOL. No disrespect, I love ’em but let’s be real here, you can only STAN for but so many people.

Though, I must say…when a person of the magnitude of Rajesh Khanna dies, they would always get the respect they deserve under my watch (tribute covers…the works) And I would also have a special section in the magazine that keeps track of the not-so-famous-but-talented so that if something happens to them they get their due too (seriously, some people did not know that Rasika Joshi and Gavin Packard had died) still, I can’t hate on Jitesh’s game, get on with your baaaaaaaaaad self fanboy! He actually couldn’t have picked a better person to go STAN for. Well played my friend.


8 thoughts on “What’s the fuss? Filmfare Magazine’s Special Edition Tribute to Kajol draws mixed reviews

  1. Personally I think this cover was the anti-cover to the recent Stardust cover that humiliated her. You know, the one about Ajay’s affair? Maybe she is planning another comeback.

  2. Yeah it’s obvious Jitesh is a Kajol fan! But then why not… ;)) And I also think that Bipasha doesn’t get her due!! :O

  3. I want to add something though. I don’t mind Jitesh being a die-hard fan of Kajol. Personnally I think she’s nice but overrated, but that’s just my view…
    What really bugs me in fact is this: Kajol received like 5 Filmfare awards, even when not deserved, especially last time for MNIK. I mean, she was ok in the film but not sensational. Plus the ONLY award she received for this role was the FF (most of the others went to Vidya and Aishwarya). So I wonder, as Jitesh is the EDITOR in chief of the Filmfare magazine, AND a die-hard fan of Kajol, is the fact that she received so many FF awards a coincidence?? I doubt it…

    So that’s where Jitesh fangirling is annoying to me…

    • Kajol is a good actress. The fact that she only won a Filmfare for MNIK yet it seemed like she cleared all awards that year, proves that. Granted India’s Filmfare award is the equivalent of winning America’s Academy award so winning all other awards is not really necessary if you are able to bag the Filmfare. Kajol is effective and that’s all I require of anyone who calls themselves an actor on this planet, sure some are better than others but at least be effective is all I ask.The ones who aren’t even trying/hide behind big name heroes as arm candy in films (i.e. Katrina Kaif, Asin Thottumkal, Rimii Sen et. al) are the ones I’d go after and call out.

  4. Maybe but then why create an award then? If it’s supposed to reward the best performance of the year, or let’s say a special performance from someone (cuz saying who’s the best is partly subjective), then why give it to only a good performance? There are plenty of good performances! Granted she’s was ok in MNIK but nothing great, plus Kajol plays always the same character. It’s like when they gave it to Hrithik for Dhoom 2!! I love him in Dhoom2 but come one that’s not a performance! Saif Ali Khan in Omkara was a performance!

    So I’m sorry but the fact that she delivered the necessary isn’t a good enough reason to give her an “Oscar” IMO….
    So the fact that she received ONLY the Filmfare, and that she wasn’t even nominated in certain award functions show some BIG bias towards Kajol and I don’t like it. LOL^^

    • Let’s agree to disagree. I really can’t complain about Kajol winning for MNIK, she was the best part of that film and made it watchable. Her performance was riveting.

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