Vidya Balan Lands the Cover of Femina’s 2012 Power List

Credit: Femina Magazine

Now cue the compliments and/or catty jealous remarks. Trust me, I’ve read some pretty nasty comments regarding this cover but rather than just shake my head and look the other way, I decided to blog my two cents. Haters…you know you can never underestimate ’em, they will find fault in even the most diminutive details. Balan is on the cover of a power list (a significant nod to her impressive career accomplishments) but rather than praise her, some are pointing imperfections in her facial features? What imperfections? I’ve looked over and over and I see no imperfections. The ones who do perhaps are only insecure about themselves and as usual are hiding their low self-esteem issues behind the anonymity of the internet. When they see a beautiful talented person, they begin to fuss and you will know them by the sounds of their loud, empty barrels.  Vidya Balan is perfect in my book. Femina could not have picked a more relevant actress in current Hindi cinema to grace this cover. After watching KAHAANI & THE DIRTY PICTURE, I can conclude that she is certainly deserving  of the title  “Queen of Bollywood” for which Kangana (Ranaut) is the princess among current popular actresses as far as leading lady talent is concerned. No one else among Balan’s peers comes close, they can dream but they can’t touch her level talent, grace or eloquence. She does not need to trash talk her peers to gain press time, or cling to blockbuster heroes or use frozen doll-like looks to prove her worth that’s why she doesn’t even try such fake formulas. She is just Vidya Balan, talented actress extraordinaire. End of discussion.



One thought on “Vidya Balan Lands the Cover of Femina’s 2012 Power List

  1. I’m with you on this…Why can’t people just appreciate! Balan is my current fav, until Ash comes back of course (muhahaha!!)

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