I feel she is far too young to achieve that status just yet. I would consider her more of a Cate Blanchett or Kate Winslet of India than Meryl Streep. That said, I am very proud of all her accomplishments and thankful to her for providing us with a variety outside of the norm.

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With her proving the mettle in acting, Bollywood has taken a bow before this versatile actress who can don the mantle of any character. Be it the single mother in Paa, the woman with vengeance in Ishqiya or the sensational Silk in The Dirty Picture, Vidya Balan can do anything flawlessly. The lady, who has signed a sari endorsement deal worth Rs 5 crore, is said to be positioned as the Indian version of Hollywood star Meryl Streep by Bling magazine. Does this title perfectly suit Vidya? Can she be called Indian Meryl Streep?

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  1. To me I would say that Vidya’s appeal lies in her almost perfect choice of films. I don’t know if Ms Streep has even had such an (almost) flawless track record! But the same is true for both ladies that audiences want to see what they’re gonna do next… they never typecast themselves.

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