10 Things I don’t want to see or hear associated with Priyanka Chopra as she enters the US pop scene

Priyanka Chopra – in my city feat. Will.i.am (Credit: Twitter)

So by now you must have seen the cute cover for former Miss World turned actress Priyanka Chopra’s new single ‘in my city’ featuring Will.i.am which has been selected as the official theme song of the NFL channel’s Thursday night football. No music has been released yet but if sources are to be believed, we can expect to hear the song on Thursday September 13th, six hours before it debuts on the NFL network (check local listings). Based on what I have seen from her cross-over thus far I think Ms. Chopra looks great and in fact fits into the pop scene swimmingly well.

Popular US Singles Covers (Credit: Google & respective Copyright Holders)

That said, I have a few guidelines (as I would love for Ms. Chopra to succeed in her new career, knowing fully well that it is not enough just to fit into the scene. I want her to stand out in terms of her talent, versatility and contribution to the music industry. Here’s a list of things I do not want to see or hear from her musically:

1. Auto-tune or any other gimmick that alters her natural singing voice. I know, I know, it’s a near impossible wish but hopefully they won’t go the obvious route.

2. Banal material. It’s darn near impossible to be original these days but PC has the advantage of having a whole world of Indian music to incorporate into her Western sound.

3. Cheap looking music videos or over-the-top music videos. Get creative.

4. Copied material or material that is too similar to another artist or singer especially the kind that would fan the flames of fan wars and/or lawsuits.

5. Spoofs. The last thing she needs right now is any more controversy.

6. Mediocrity. I consider this one self-explanatory.

7. Collaboration overload. The first single is already with Will.i.am and since she is being managed by Lady Gaga’s camp, I’m sure we can expect to see material featuring the two of them at some point but please don’t go singing with everybody in town.

8. A lame alter-ego. If she chooses to use this gimmick then by all means make it count but please don’t name her Piggy Chops or PC or Daddy Lil Girl.

9. Musical rivalry with any other singer or artist. Gaga vs Madonna is enough to last the entire industry for a lifetime.

10. Abandonment. The NFL single is already in the bag which we can only hope will be successful and lead to the swift release of her 1st studio album, promotional tour and hopefully a concert tour afterwards. My hope is that she follows through without having to abandon her acting career in Bollywood or her Hollywood aspirations.

God-speed PC!



6 thoughts on “10 Things I don’t want to see or hear associated with Priyanka Chopra as she enters the US pop scene

  1. I hope the video comes out soon so they can build on the momentum of the NFL appearance. They really should not have released the single without having the video ready! I dunno, Is that normal?

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