Much Ado About Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan’s United Nations Outfit…Less About Her Mission

Credit: The UN & News World

When Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan addressed the United Nations of Friday (World Peace Day) her message of tolerance and inner peace was clear albeit not to everybody watching the LIVE stream from across the world, some of whom saw this as an opportunity to indulge the usual rhetoric of bashing her image. The fact that she quoted the Sanskrit ‘shloka’ was deflected by these unrelenting naysayers some of whom I’ve been reading comments from across social media. They claim that during her address, she was speaking in a “fake British accent” (obviously, these people don’t know their British) and others (of course) opting to childishly comment on her curves and choice of outfit. I remember when their commentary was limited to just picking on her for giggling (an idiosyncrasy) on foreign platforms, now they come at her from all angles in every way imaginable.

As a disclaimer, I should say that I do not work for Rai-Bachchan or as a publicist for anyone (many have often accused me of being a secret PR for many celebrities including Rai-Bachchan, if I were a publicist wouldn’t I be professionally obligated to identity myself as one?) As a matter of fact, I chose to use this blog to address a few misconceptions and am in no way giving these obviously sad and depraved individuals a platform to broadcast their sick views.


To those who thought she was speaking in a “fake British accent”: You obviously have not heard of code-switching. Stay in school, learn something then come back and we can have a conversation. Stay in school kids, stay in school.


To those who have a problem with her new curves: You need to mind your own body.


To those who had a problem with her choice of outfit: Not to validate your senseless and pointless complaints with a response but I feel it should be noted that if Rai-Bachchan had worn a suit, you would have complained that she was trying to hide her “Indian-ness” or that she was ashamed of her heritage as you all have done on countless occasions in the past. Here in America, when Angelina Jolie addresses the UN and helps underprivileged children in impoverished nations, she is applauded, despite being a bona fide fashionista, people do not focus on what she is wearing on her peace trips or UN addresses, the fact that she is making a difference is all that matters and all that should matter.

Credit: News World



8 thoughts on “Much Ado About Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan’s United Nations Outfit…Less About Her Mission

  1. Hello!

    I just saw this post, bcoz RTed it on twitter. Are you the same person who comments on pinkvilla also?

    If yes, then i bow down to you. I really like the way you answer to all the haters & jealous admirers there. I am a regular (but silent) reader on pinkvilla. I just see their posts, their comments sections is full on negetivity. I just cant take in that much negetivity.

    I like the way you fire back all the bashing with valid points. I tell you, there were few other Ash fans on pinkvilla who used to answer all those anons, but they are no longer active now. But you seem to be a fighter.

    I am also a loyal fan of Aishwarya. I love some of her qualities. The way she handled her career in the big bad world of bollywood is commendable.

    I stop here, otherwise i will just go on & on & on. 🙂

  2. She is truly a beautiful person inside and out. Those who can’t see it don’t want to see it, and they’ll find anything to complain about. Nobody takes them seriously anyway, least of all Aishwarya who sweetly calls them Drops in The Ocean Of Love. Awww… gotta love that woman! 🙂

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