Another Day, Another Item Girl – Kunda Khol (Sameera Reddy’s item number from ‘Chakravyuh’)

The New Official outfit of the Bollywood item girl? (Credit: IANS & Google)

The song is from the upcoming Bollywood film ‘Chakravyuh’ starring Arjun Rampal et. al. And is sung by Sunidhi Chauhan. Sameera Reddy, in my opinion looks like a cross between Rakhi Sawant + Mallika Sherawat here, not sure how I feel about the song but her dance moves are pretty painful to watch (absolutely no fluidity in her execution of the choreography) but she’s wearing the unofficial outfit of the Twenty-tweens item girl so I guess it’s a go?



3 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Item Girl – Kunda Khol (Sameera Reddy’s item number from ‘Chakravyuh’)

  1. Hey there… song is growing on me after repeat listens. As for the fluidity of the dancing, I don’t blame Sameera because she has done really well in item numbers like “Door Se Paas” (film Musafir). She is a good dancer but in a movie like Chakravyuh I don’t think the item number is given the importance than it would in a movie like Musafir for example so possibly they did not execute it with enough passion and attentiveness. For example Farah Khan is a director that can organically incorporate a song and dance number and make it work but Prakash Jha? It’s almost like the song is an afterthought! 🙂 And about the banjara-inspired outfit yep it’s more or less the “uniform” for item songs like Ishq Kameena and Choli Ke Piche among many others!

    BTW I didn’t mention this VW but I like the evolving design of your blog, the collages are really nice! 🙂

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