Zero Tolerance for Any Kind of Bullying…Especially Cyber-Bullying

Cyber-Bullying is defined as the use of cyberspace (the internet) or related technologies to harm other people, in a deliberate, repeated, and hostile manner. (

Why am I choosing to discuss such an issue when such acts are commonly associated with children? And why not? Would be my response. Anything that affects children, affects us as adults as well, one way or another. And as the saying goes; if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything, so today, my stand is this: I AM AGAINST ALL FORMS OF BULLYING ESPECIALLY CYBER-BULLYING. 

Keeping in mind that because of my staunch support of actress Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan, an ongoing exchange between a particular anonymous individual and myself has been escalating since around the summer of 2012 ( I know this because this person has chosen to keep track of everything I say or do across social media then use it against me or to insult me in future debates). Any fan of Rai-Bachchan knows that it is an uphill climb trying to ignore her naysayers or confused admirers who like to drag her name into every Bollywood conversation whether she has anything to do with it or not. I am usually verbally attacked by people who do not care for the actress but usually these attackers move on right away.  A few days ago, my suspicions that I was being cyber-bullied were confirmed when I casually commented on a poster/advertisement related to upcoming Bollywood film (and for the life of me, I cannot even remember the title of the film) and an anonymous  person quoted my response as a lead-in to their own response. The following is an excerpt of what then ensued:



If we comment about celebrities or aspects of popular culture, leave it there yeah? We are all entitled to our opinions. Even if someone challenges your opinion, it is still after all an opinion not doctrine. But personal jabs are a low blow. I had not even noticed in the midst of the argument that this “anonymous person” had called my life “worthless” until my friend Kitty pointed it out. As a matter of fact, when this person called me a “FOB” I had to google it out to find the meaning. It is just a shock to me that somebody, anybody would just presume to know and attack someone else in this manner. It is a different thing if you were commenting on the life of a celebrity or a politician who has wronged you in some way but a random person whom you do not know on the internet? And to go as far as to call their life worthless? Comment on their shopping habits which you know nothing about? Trivialise their hobbies and directly ridicule their allegiance to whichever fandom they choose to be associated with and that too on a personal level? What is the world coming to? Let me just say this, it will not be tolerated.




4 thoughts on “Zero Tolerance for Any Kind of Bullying…Especially Cyber-Bullying

  1. Oh yes, cyberbullying is a huge problem internationally and websites need to take responsibililty and moderate properly. Look at Amanda Todd, she took her life after being bullied and her video on YouTube is still getting trolled by sick people who say that she deserved to die. 😦

  2. I don’t think cyber bullying will ever stop, Nowadays every home has an internet connection, so obviously the troll inside them will awaken.. Just because a person is civilized doesn’t mean that others will even respect him/her.. Most people who comment filth on others wouldn’t even dare to say that in person… Anonymity gives a different kind of ‘Confidence’ to a particular person as he/she isn’t accountable for what was said by him/her… We should learn to ignore these kind of people…. If a person attacks anyone verbally on the net , it doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is dangerous but rather just taking advantage of newfound power of attacking others without any ‘Reaction’..and he/she maybe most probably harmless…. These people are called ‘KEYBOARD WARRIORS’ 🙂
    Hmm…Like your posts on PV, btw ur a Christian rite? Belated ‘Merry Christmas’ … 🙂

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