What About The Children? A Moment of Silence for the Newtown, Connecticut Tragedy – An American Tragedy

Grieving Angel (Google)

Grieving Angel (Google)

In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown Connecticut tragedy, I grieve. Twenty tiny coffins is twenty too many. Our future is dying in the name of our right to bear arms. We can no longer accept this as normal. What need do private citizens have for military weaponry? Heavenly Father, please save us from whack-jobs with guns. Should we have to dress our children in bullet proof gear to go to school now? Is that the new order? Is this the new normal?  Our future is at the mercy of our right to bear arms. What is the sense in arguing if nothing fruitful comes of it? We can no longer hide behind the Second Amendment while our children die senselessly and needlessly. America, the time to act is now. We’ve talked enough, argued enough, danced around it enough, avoided it enough.


Emilie Parker (6 years-old)
Jack Pinto (6 years-old)
Noah Pozner (6 years-old)
Caroline Previdi (6 years-old)
Jessica Rekos (6 years-old)
Avielle Richman (6 years-old)
Benjamin Wheeler (6 years-old)
Allison Wyatt (6 years-old)
Grace McDonnell (7 years-old)
James Mattioli (5 years-old)
Jesse Lewis (6 years-old)
Chase Kowalski (7 years-old)
Catherine Hubbard (6 years-old)
Madeleine Hsu (6 years-old)
Dylan Hockley (6 years-old)
Ana Marquez-Greene (6 years-old)
Josephine Gay (7 years-old)
Olivia Engel (6 years-old)
Daniel Barden (7 years-old)
Charlotte Bacon (6 years-old)

May the gentle souls of all these beautiful “innocent” children and their caretakers who threw themselves into the line of fire to protect them rest in perfect peace, Amen.


Credit: https://twitter.com/jaketapper for the names and ages of the victims. YouTube for the video and Google for the photo.


6 thoughts on “What About The Children? A Moment of Silence for the Newtown, Connecticut Tragedy – An American Tragedy

  1. Thank you for your comments. Several bloggers are encouraging others to send cards and letters to the school. Here is the address:

    The school’s address is:
    Sandy Hook Elementary School
    12 Dickenson Drive
    Newtown, CT 06482

    God Bless.

    ps I had a couple of suggestiond on how to positively handle this. I always welcome more…

  2. Remember Jesse McCord Lewis. Lewis saved many lives that day. He is a very brave boy, a warrior, and a man on a horse due to his very distant Cherokee ancestry.

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