Why Am I Still on Facebook?

$64,000 question. I hardly ever log on there anymore.


I wrestle with this question almost daily — in fact, every time I use the service. There are experiences in this life that I truly dread. Putting gas in my car, for example, is about as inconvenient of an experience as it gets. Facebook is quickly becoming one of those experiences — specifically, checking Facebook.

I wrote an article a few weeks ago in which I outlined where the real value of Twitter lies. Today I want to focus on Facebook, which I have been highly critical of in past columns.

What Is Facebook Good for?

This is the ultimate question. Or, if we were to look at it a different way: What is the job that I am hiring Facebook to do?

The answer is that I hire Facebook to help me stay in touch with friends and family. That is Facebook’s job; that is why I use…

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