‘Chennai Express’ 10 Thoughts or Less (Hopefully without Spoilers)

Chennai Express (Credit TSeries)

Chennai Express
(Credit TSeries)

I guess EID doesn’t solely belong to Salman Khan after all. Just a thought. =D

Okay, seriously now, in Bollywood films when something that has been (monumentally) done before is repeated in another film, I can only hope that it is being done as an ode to its predecessor or in tribute and not a blatant jab as to say “here’s something you did, and here’s me doing it even better and fresher” because sometimes (heck who am I kidding?) Most of the time it seems like the latter more than the former. And on that note might I also add this query…can anything be done in Bollywood without referencing or invoking something else? This question alone could qualify as another blog post.

Rohit Shetty has undoubtedly branded himself at this point, what with the successes of such films as ‘Bol Bachchan’,’Singham’, the ‘Golmaal’ series & now ‘Chennai Express.’ His signature over-the-top, ridiculous scenarios, loud and cartoon-ish characters as well as mind-boggling stunt action sequences are clearly not to my particular taste, but the man has carved out his own niche and I have to respect that. He has a tried and true formula, knows his audience and how to entertain them.

The movie is/was 21 minutes too long, its elaborate plot could have been wrapped up in a clean two hours. That plus the fact that I believe now that the word “cohesive” does NOT exist at least in the process of making such Bollywood films.

That said, Deepika Padukone is a scene-robber and just keeps getting better and better which each new film. I can name five actresses she must have studied to prepare herself for the role of Meena in this film but for the sake of NOT starting drama, I will let it go and just say well done, Deepika. Others should be taking notes on how to “grow” as an actress and put the “ACT” in their acting.

If there was any doubt about who (among current contenders) should star opposite Shahrukh Khan in Farah Khan’s upcoming vehicle ‘Happy New Year’ as the lead actress, just go and see Padukone opposite Khan in ‘Chennai Express,’ in other words, they make a great pair and have proven twice now to be very commercially successful as well.

Still from Chennai Express featuring Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone (Credit TSeries)

Still from Chennai Express featuring Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone
(Credit TSeries)

While the entire movie was/is pretty much a Bollywood love note and a kiss to India’s South, it was probably a wise move not to include the ‘Lungi song’ in the film. It served it promotional purpose and that should be that.

Still on the subject of the film’s soundtrack (which I don’t care much for) the Priyamani item song is not as tedious to watch when viewed within the context of the film.

I really hope that actresses in their 40s (like all three of the Khans of Bollywood are) start taking up bolder choices when it comes to the type scripts and roles they choose to bring to life. If these roles aren’t being offered to them then maybe some of them need to look into writing and producing the kind of films and roles that challenge them as actors and inspire the audience. I don’t see why…if a script can pair Shahrukh Khan (47) with Deepika Padukone (27) then why can’t another pair Madhuri Dixit (46) with Shahid Kapoor (32) trust me, there are so many realistic scenarios that can be explored with that suggestion.

Records will be broken, history will be made and remade but as far as the three Khans (Aamir, Shahrukh and Salman) are concerned with regards to scripts, I feel all the serious acting should be left to Aamir, the actions films to Salman and Shahrukh should just continue to be his debonair gentleman self and charm us with intense romance and drama. We definitely need another ‘Swades’ style drama and/or ‘Veer/Zaara’ style romance from Shahrukh again. Action is not his forte.

Well, now I have more to say come to think of it but I said ten random thoughts so there you go. =)



8 thoughts on “‘Chennai Express’ 10 Thoughts or Less (Hopefully without Spoilers)


    I agree the end was really crappy, with that OTT speech+ fight, but overall I laughed quite a few times! I think the scene at the temple is nice, and in the train at the begining, with the DDLJ parody and the way they sang famous hindi songs, it was clever hehe 😛
    I thought Deepika was gorgeous and held her own against a very (too much?) energetic Shahrukh. Her sleep talking scene was hilarious xD And I like “Kashmir main, tu kanyakumari…” lol and I’m still not sure why!!

    Otherwise the scenario was rather repetitive I thought : they split, they come back together, they split, they come back… blabla…
    And I agree Priyamani deserved better…!!
    Overall it was a nice entertainer, not much! And I appreciated the fact that the jokes were not in bad taste (remember what we discussed about comedies the other day? LOL)

    But after reading your review I still don’t know very clearly.. Did you like the movie or not?

      • LOL Yes exactly I think Srk’s goal here was just to prove a point. I think he wants to break all the records to show he’s the boss. But all this numbers game is trash, d movie was bound to a big oppening even if the movie was crap, due to all the hype. In success parties people don’t celebrate a good film, they celebrate money!!

        This appart, I did enjoy it, like you said one time watch.

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