Celine Dion earns puzzling comparison to Miley Cyrus after X Factor performance

Those who think Celine sounds like Miley need to either unclog the ear wax in their ear drums or see an ear doctor. Just my opinion.


Celine Dion has earned comparisons to a pop star 20 years her junior, Miley Cyrus, after performing on the X Factor results show.

Celine, 45, took to the stage to perform her new single and was met with mixed reactions from viewers.

One Twitter user, Karen, wrote as Celine performed: ‘Why does Celine Dion sound like Miley Cyrus on #XFactor? Half expecting her to start twerking…’

Another wrote: ‘Umm is it just me or does Celine Dion sound like Miley Cyrus on X Factor right now?’

For the most part, reaction was positive, with Carol tweetign: ‘Celine Dion. I don’t care what you say, she could teach these pretenders a thing or two. Technically stunning and terrific mic technique.’

Cherry added: ‘Celine Dion killin’ it on the xfactor tonight, she doesn’t seem to age either. #Immortal #GoGurl’.

However, one less enamoured viewer was Ritchie, who wrote disparagingly: ‘Nice to hear…

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