A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words – Defending Caroline Berg Eriksen

So by now you must have seen this viral photograph of wife, new mother, journalist Caroline Berg Eriksen making rounds on the internet?

Credit: fotballfrue on Instragram

The “selfie” or self photograph was clicked and posted by Eriksen on her Instagram account four days after she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl causing an uproar from bloggers and netizens alike. Most feel that it is too soon for Eriksen’s body to go back to normal after birth or that she is being very superficial by objectifying herself in such a manner while projecting an unrealistic body image or goal for young girls and women of the world, especially new mothers. When I saw the photograph, my first reaction was “wow!” she looks amazing which quickly changed to disbelief when I read that this was taken four days after birthing a child. Then I clicked the link to her Instagram to go and verify this and after flicking through a bunch of her pictures I breathed a sigh of relief and you would have too if you saw her before and during pregnancy pictures. THE WOMAN HARDLY GAINED ANY WEIGHT! Her tummy with the child in it was barely visibly and she seemed to have maintained her normally svelte figure through the course of her pregnancy. She looked like a pregnant supermodel.

Caroline Berg Eriksen, 8 days before giving birth. (Credit: footballfrue on Instagram)


Instead of judging her and slamming her for her amazing accomplishment of looking so unbelievably fit post-pregnancy, here are five things we all can learn from this beautiful woman:

1. Get in shape and stay in shape, if you respect your body it will respect you and yield dividends.

2. If you have it then by all means flaunt it.

3. Live your life and be who you are no matter what people have to say, if you are not hurting/disturbing anybody it cannot be a crime.

4. It is not just about you and your “selfies.” Visit Eriksen’s blog and other social media accounts, she has shared pictures of her beautiful baby and her adventurous life there unlike the standard “duck lipped” boring pout-y selfies you probably have plastered across your accounts.

5. She is a journalist, wife of a footballer (Lars Kristian Eriksen) and runs the biggest web-blog in Norway. She has to look good. If she did not, you would be the first to hide behind the anonymity of the internet to tell her that she does not…among other mean-spirited things that “you would” say.

Carry On Caroline Berg Eriksen, DO NOT listen to your critics, they are just jealous of you.



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