Voiceswriter Jargon

On this page you will find the definition to the strange words or language you might have encountered or will encounter in my articles.

VW Lingo

Aap kaise ho? – Hindi greeting meaning “how are you?”

Anons – Short form for the term anonymous

Bakwas – is Hindi for rubbish or nonsense.

Cray Cray – is defined as when craziness exceeds its normal level of crazy. (Slang)

Filmy – (In Hindi Cinema) defines a person or people belonging to the film industry or a part of the film fraternity i.e. a prolific director or actor who comes from a long line of actors or film-makers would be described as “filmy” and their next of kin or off-spring would be referred to as “filmy family” or “filmy kid(s)” etc. etc.

Flopbuster – is defined as the failure of a movie (usually an eagerly anticipated one) to take flight at the box office. (Slang)

Item Number – is defined as a special song & dance appearance by a male or female (in a Bollywood film) aimed at spicing up the plot of the movie.

Jannata – Hindi for the masses/the public

Killing It/Killed It – is defined as performing on an exemplary level. (Slang)

Netizens – is defined as person or the body of people who inhabit the internet.

SMH – Acronym for Shaking My Head

Stan – is defined as an over zealous or obsessive fan. (Slang)

Stalkerazzi – is defined as a person or group of people who call themselves fans but are over-the-top in their pursuit of friendship (usually of a celebrity) and fame or infamy. (Slang)

Please feel free to leave a comment below, letting me know of any errors and/or additional words you have come across that are not defined here.


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